Going Primal in Pilates

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Our journey of living natural, moving healthy and eating clean is for health reasons. It’s not a fad. The best thing about this journey is always learning and evolving. Now we are trying to be all primal: nutrition, movement, exercise, even our Pilates classes. Everything!

In Pilates we went primal first with our younger clients during Summer Camp for kids and later for my five year old private client teaching her to do handstands and then cart wheels. To build strength and give them total body workouts we had to think of something that would keep their attention for a little longer than she usually could. And that had to be a game. Playing was always fun. Having invented games like Zoo made it easy.

Come play with us: jump like frogs, walk like bears, play a pointer-dog, a bird, a cat, and, of course, we’ll include some of Pilates fare, like Swan, Grasshopper, Mermaid, as well as Rolling like a Ball, Rowing, Bridging, Bicycling, etc. Bouncing, kicking, jumping are great, but we also enjoy stretching, and balancing on wobbling boards, balls, BOSU, etc.

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