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We are continuing to offer the great benefits of savings for those who want to visit us more often as members. Our Pilates memberships offer the great benefits of savings with our fun total body Pilates workouts on state of the art equipment in the heart of Carpinteria. If you are able to commit to a certain amount of Pilates equipment sessions per week, while enjoying your healthy Pilates lifestyle, you have different Membership packages to choose from:

We continue our 1 Month Memberships (no contract) for those who can’t commit to Pilates for longer than 30 days at a time. Sign up for 10 small group classes and get a mix of equipment-based Pilates classes, and you’ll thank yourself in a month! Choose from 2 options: regular and lunchtime classes.

We also started our new Contract-Based Membership Options for those who are able to commit to Pilates lifestyle long-term and want to visit us more often as members for 1, 2 or 3 sessions a week with a 3, 6 or 12 months’ membership contract starting as low as $100 per month.

Why Membership? Commitment.

We’ll help you with your goals to get fit, flexible, strong, and to get “in shape” by providing safe and effective Pilates exercise programs, but this can be done only by you. Without a client’s commitment, none of this can be done.  You have to be there to do it!

To show how much we appreciate the commitment level and reward our clients for this, we offer quality classes at discounted rates. We hope our clients in their turn will appreciate this especially considering the high level of instruction and equipment. And by making this financial commitment, signing a contract and registering for classes in advance our clients effectively declare that they’ll be there and make this happen.

Contact us to discuss an option that fits your lifestyle best!

Pilates Promise
“In ten sessions you will feel the difference, in twenty sessions you will see the difference, and in thirty sessions you will have a whole new body.”
-Joseph Pilates

All sizes, shapes and levels welcome! Classes available daily, except Sundays. Some classes and time slots are more popular than others and are on first come- first serve basis. Signing up and buying your membership beforehand ensures your spot in a group you prefer. Come re-start your Pilates practice and improve your commitment level. Check real participants’ Success Stories.

Learn more about our standard Rates & Services for non-members

*We’ll coordinate the schedule with everybody in your group for you to start changing your body ASAP. When the schedule is confirmed, we can still make changes to it if all of your group members agree beforehand- life happens! – but the regular 24-hour policy applies for last moment cancellations.

Go from a bulge to swimsuit WOW!
Unhappy with Your Present “Self”? Transform the way your body looks, feels and performs! Pilates will help you improve gait and posture, get better results in your game, and stay injury-free. Your Pilates results will change, inspire and drive you for years to come. Let your new “Self” start now! Stand taller, trimmer and leaner, walk easier, tread lighter, move gracefully, become stronger and healthier, look and feel the way you always wanted. A new you is waiting!

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