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Tatiana’s Pilates 4 Week Fit Challenge in Carpinteria, CA

Attention business owners, company executives, and HR leaders alike who would like to give a gift of health and Pilates to their employees!

Shape Up and Save your Green!

For a chance for your business to win this package valued at almost $500 please send in your short essay explaining why your company should be the winner of our draw. After this one week long FREE Introduction to Pilates the lucky winning threesome will be able to continue with another great deal of ours- 4 week long Fit Pilates Challenge. Plus “before & after” pics, essential tips, recipes & more.

Whether you are a school, a professional organization, a manufacturer or a nonprofit organization, a regular Pilates class is a great way to help your employees de-stress and re-energize during a lunch break, before or after work.

*Classes available daily, except Sundays.

Helping you invest in your most important asset – your people!

And happier employees make happier companies! There is a monetary benefit to it as well. In study after study, companies that have instituted wellness programs have seen a return on investment. Our health and well being services are a great way to improve teamwork, morale, employee retention, reduce absenteeism and medical costs, and increase health within the workplace. Your employees will benefit by re-energizing, improving their posture, getting in shape, and clearing their minds, leaving them refreshed to return to work. Tatiana’s Pilates catering to the residents and businesses of Carpinteria area offers Pilates training for people of all ages and any physical ability.

We incorporate all your employees’ health and wellness needs and we’d like to discuss with you ways we can help you make your employees stronger, more vibrant, and fit- in body, mind, and spirit. Learn about employee and employer benefits of Pilates with us!

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Pilates Promise
“In ten sessions you will feel the difference, in twenty you will see the difference, and in thirty you will have a whole new body.”

-Joseph Pilates

*Gifts and gift certificates available!

We offer private and small group Pilates classes for men and women of any age, level, size, shape, and any physical ability for any budget, schedule and style! Pilates genuinely helps people physically, but also further benefits lifestyles emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. We offer programs that incorporate all wellness needs catering to the residents of Carpinteria area. Pilates clinics for Beginners as well as Intro to Pilates assessments/ consultations are available!

Physical therapists and doctors now recommend Pilates as one of the safest forms of exercise available. We also provide Pilates clinics for post-injury rehabilitation needs. Experience Pilates benefits firsthand and learn to enjoy quality program of well being. We’ll help you strengthen muscles, especially core muscles, increase flexibility, and gain an increased awareness of the health benefits of each body movement.

A vacation getaway in Carpinteria will help you calm and quiet to thrive and succeed. We also provide Pilates retreats in Carpinteria, & more. Tatiana’s Pilates retreat in Belarus will help you de-stress and pamper yourself.

Tatiana’s Pilates offers classes for cross-training and various Pilates clinics for golf- and tennis-players, cyclists, etc.

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Now you can supplement your regular cardio routine with a Pilates circuit class. Cardio Circuit and Power Pilates group classes available. Let Pilates become your lifestyle, while you lose inches and pounds. Enjoy your Pilates workout as you sculpt, shape, tone, stretch, and strengthen your body.

Enjoy your Pilates workout at Tatiana’s Pilates while you sculpt, shape, tone, stretch, and strengthen your body.
Realign* Revive* Rebalance*

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