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I am very excited to start a newsletter on a subject I am so passionate about- Pilates. The truth is, I’ve been thinking about doing it for a while, but initially I wasn’t sure where to start. Coincidentally, I was approached with a request to write about where and how to get started in a new Pilates program. From the very beginning! Where else to start? So, here it goes- hoping to provide you with some kind of direction, with the info for the beginners, who seem to always have a ton of questions.
You can find me at Santé Pilates Studio in Carpinteria, CA. Feel free to contact me with your feedback and questions. In the meantime, enjoy the movement, your Pilates classes and other exercising.

You can find Tatiana’s Pilates “Lotus” Newsletter issue of your choice below:

Pilates for Beginners

What Is The Best Approach?

Preparing for Your First Class

Healthier Holiday Traditions!

Make V-Day Even Sweeter for Your Sweetheart

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