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Carpinteria Pilates Clinics for Athletes
We at Tatiana’s Pilates offer sport based Pilates classes for people with similar interests that incorporating all of their athletic and wellness needs! Special consideration is applied to serving the needs of athletes and weekend warriors alike by structuring demanding yet well rounded sessions for them and challenging muscle groups with precision of movement in strength, flexibility and endurance. Enhancing athletic performance Check our Pilates Clinics for tennis players, cyclists, golfers, etc. with individual’s issues and needs in mind. Check real participants’ Success Stories

Training with amateur or non-professional athletes who we often call ´weekend warrior´who are large part of studio´s clientele is probably even more challenging than working with professionals. Pilates may be the only conditioning most weekend warriors do, outside their game, so our training needs is very focused and thorough. Our goals are to first and foremost prevent potential injuries, while being able to help them raise their level of performance and get the results they are after.

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Get your customized Pilates workouts with specific exercises to help you with flexibility and strength. Tatiana’s Pilates offers private, semiprivate and small group in-studio Pilates equipment classes for people of all ages and any physical ability. Read more about Rates and Services

Clients new to Pilates method generally are required to have up to ten private sessions and instructor approval before starting any group classes.

*Only by appointment.
*Gift certificates and 5-10-or-20-session packages in small groups, semiprivate and private sessions available.

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