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Express Pilates – Lunchtime Pilates Special
30-minute long or 45-minute long lunch time classes at a lower rate from 11:30 am to 2:00 pm on work days. Just squeeze in an invigorating mind-body lunch time session for all levels, designed to improve core stability, strength and posture, and to feel less fatigue (and less back pain) at the end of the day. Stretching out the muscles and working the core will help to re- align the posture and correct movement and strain patterns making you more aware of your posture while at work, at home and during other exercise practices. So, just get out of your office (or car) and do core exercises. Learn more about Lunchtime Special Rates

We also have classes available before and after work, and on Saturday mornings. Commit to 3 group classes per week for a total body workout and receive 11 sessions for the price of 10.

Look and Feel Better with Tatiana’s Lunchtime Pilates Classes
A lunch time Pilates session is an excellent way of increasing your strength and flexibility, as well as relieving your general aches and pains from sitting at the computer for extended periods. It will leave you feeling energized and ready to tackle the afternoon! Do you suffer from aches and pains in the lower back, neck, shoulders or other postural issues? Office life is far healthier when your back is straight, and you keep good posture at your computer. Weekly classes can help you reduce back and neck pains, reduce stress and tension of the day, and will give you a mental break from work. So, when you go back to your desk you feel refreshed and relaxed. It will help you be more productive, energized and feel better physically during the working day.

Stay Swimsuit-Ready!
It is great for people to get out of your office (or car) and onto a mat or reformer and to do core exercises. This course is designed to have you in and out during the lunch hour allowing you to get back to work in time. The class will include Pilates exercises on the equipment, as well as mat work designed to focus on the core. This total body workout was created to sculpt the body, strengthen the muscles, and improve flexibility, balance and coordination. Sessions range from workouts on the Reformer or Springboard, to the use of props and jump boards, and the “circuit” session with all equipment. There are also one-to-one sessions available that can be tailored to the client’s needs and aptitude.

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