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Tatiana’s Pilates Clinic for Golfers
Full-body workout with focus on problem areas of the body. Improve your golf game. Increase your swing strength and efficiency with control and power. Easy-to-learn Pilates exercises to help you gain greater flexibility and stability, increase core strength and spine and joints mobility, and improve your balance, coordination and the mechanics of the golf swing.

IMG_1486aGet a Grip on Golf Pain!
Can’t play golf more than once weekly because of low back pain? Learn exercises and stretches helping you recover quickly and eventually get rid of pains. There’s risk of getting hurt; those twists and torques of the game can lead to wrist, shoulder and hand injuries. 10 percent of amateur and 20 percent of professional golfers are affected. The pain is caused by overuse, poor mechanics, and trauma on the course. This can result in strained tendons or even fractures. Don’t become statistic: stay injury-free with improved technique and solid mechanics. Enhance your golfing experience while extending your years of play. Transform your game!

IMG_1576aTatiana’s Pilates offers appropriate Pilates program with specific exercises to help you with your strengths and weaknesses. We provide focused and thorough private, semiprivate and small group conditioning Pilates for golfers of all ages and any physical ability. We also teach Pilates sessions incorporating all your wellness needs on the beach or in the park. Read more about Rates and Services

Clients new to Pilates method generally are required to have up to ten private sessions and instructor approval before starting any group classes.

*Only by appointment.
*Gift certificates and 5-10-or-20-session packages in small groups, semiprivate and private sessions available.

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