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Lotus Newsletter, Oct 2010, Issue # 20

The skin of a sugar pumpkin is extremely hard, so use a sturdy knife with a pointy end and carefully cut this baby in half. Be extra careful- the knife could slip and hurt people. Don’t hurry! Use the pointy end of the knife and push down, repeat several times, making the slit larger and larger. Sometimes the brute force you have to apply can cause the pumpkin to crack.


Next, scrape out the seeds from pumpkin halves, scooping the seeds and pulp out. Put the harvested seeds aside in a large bowl, so that you can go back to them later.


Then cut the halves into quarters and even smaller wedges to be able to feed them into the juicer. Before doing so you’ll have to peel them carefully not letting the knife slip and hurt you. You might totally skip the peeling part though- in case you are not interested in juicing. If you prefer to proceed to your recipe without juicing, after having your pumpkin cut into quarters you can place the cleaned pumpkin quarters on a lined baking sheet for baking. We prefer to enjoy the goodness of sweet and healthy raw pumpkin juice though, so we peel the pumpkin wedges before they go into the juicer.


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