Your Culinary Foto Journey to Belarus

Carpinteria Pilates goes to White Russia.
Pilates retreat for a fit foodie in Belarus.


Join Us for Pilates Retreat to Belarus
Who: We are inviting the adventurous and healthy among you who are interested in taking their first culinary ecological tour to Belarus. A group of 12- 20 people or a small group (or family) of 6 people minimum. The tour is for foodies who love wise traditions in food, farming and the healing arts as well as those who like Pilates and other activities, like sledding, skiing or skating, etc., as well as sightseeing, visiting the capital and other historical places of interest. All shapes, ages and sizes are welcome!
When: This season, Tatiana’s Pilates of Carpinteria, CA will be bringing groups of foodies and Pilates fans alike to Belarus in February.
What: This Pilates Retreat/ Educational Culinary Eco-tour means having fun enjoying real food where they have never forgotten how to cook, ferment, cure, etc., and learning these how-tos from real babushkas. Want to take a culinary photo journey to Belarus
Where: You’ll live in rural Belarus where the traditions never died in beautiful villages surrounded by forests, marshes and lakes. There will be a group going to the private farmstead in Martin’s Goose farmstead in Naliboki region, the farmstead Sloboda in Minsk region, and to the private farmstead in the village of Komarovo on the Naroch Lake.
How: Group transfers to/ from Minsk International (MSQ) airport, use of vehicles for program travel, accommodations, workshops, cooking & Pilates classes, and three meals per day featuring local produce, with an endless flow of kefir, sbiten’, kvass, biscuits, tea and coffee and local taxes are included. In fact, everything (within the program) is included from the time you arrive to the destination to your departure.
You are responsible for: all travel and transfer costs to and from Belarus, your foreign visa (if needed), travel and medical insurances, farmers market and other shopping expenses, use of vehicles for personal travel outside the program and personal transfers to/ from airport (can be arranged at an additional cost), use of interpreter outside the tour program (can be arranged at an additional cost) and any extra stay (can be arranged at an additional cost).
After we have confirmed availability, we require a 50% PayPal deposit (the link will be sent to you via email). The balance is due and must be received by your hosts on arrival. You may cancel your reservation without penalty no later than 20 days prior to the departure less a cancellation fee. Cancellations after that time will forfeit the deposit.

IMPORTANT: A group of at least 6 people and a 50% PayPal deposit is required 3 weeks before the departure.

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Please contact us for more information or to make a reservation.

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Come Celebrate Seasons in Belarus with Tatiana’s Pilates

Spend 10 days this season in Belarus (translated White Russia) with Tatiana- Belarus native and your WAPF friend from Carpinteria, CA who happens to be a Pilates instructor. Tatiana will bring a group of foodies to Belarus for a culinary Pilates retreat. Enjoy & learn from real babushkas to prepare Kvass, Kasha, Kefir & other traditional nutrient-dense Slavic foods, do Pilates & more.

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Come explore the culture and food. Your culinary travel journal will become part travel memoir and part cookbook with recipes and essays about Belarusian cuisine, customs, and traditions. Learn more about Fit Foodie’s Pilates Retreat in Belarus

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Come to re-discover your family heritage and its cuisine. We’ll take you on an unforgettable journey to our “private” Belarus featuring seasons, celebrations, and people, highlighting Belarus’s finest dishes while doing Pilates, sightseeing and walking- a lot!- to workout.

Please contact us for more information or to make a reservation.

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