Fit Foodie’s Pilates Retreat in Belarus

Carpinteria Pilates goes to White Russia.
Pilates retreat for a fit foodie in Belarus.

This season, Tatiana’s Pilates of Carpinteria, CA will bring a group of Pilates enthusiasts and foodies alike to Belarus (translated as White Russia) for a culinary Pilates retreat

Have you had your vacation yet? Do you want to go somewhere new? If going places off-the-beaten track is something you want to do, consider going to this country of blue lakes, industrious and über-hospitable people. There are vast areas of marshes, lakes and rivers, which are of particular appeal to ecologists and environmentalists. Have you ever stayed in a log cabin in a Russian village? Come enjoy simple life that is still very very much unspoiled and close to the land, and more. Rare experiences like a real Russian sauna, traditional Belarusian foods, cooking classes, milking a cow, etc., as well as Pilates and other activities like hiking, cycling, fishing and kayaking.
Discover a living culture of delicious and healthy peasant foods and small scale ecological farming in Belarus.
Now, you can benefit from all of the traditional foods Slavs are famous for. Enjoy healthy organic slow food and Pilates workouts in Belarus while sightseeing, learning the language and all about Slavic culture and soul. Want to take a culinary photo journey to Belarus
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Belarus remains the most unknown and misunderstood country in Europe. For the curious, Belarus offers much, although getting in is quite bureaucratic, due to the visa regime and requirements for advance hotel reservations and health insurance. There is likely no destination In Europe as unlikely as Belarus. Once inside though, the people are warm, and the country is a post-Soviet style wonderland. We are offering a rare opportunity to study a country and its people as they really are, before the rest of the world catches on. Are you fascinated by the continuation of traditional rural pastimes and industries where a horse and cart is still in use? Interested in local communities on sustainable development projects?
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Come enjoy the country’s rich history. Slav and Belarusian cultural monuments, churches, monasteries and castles dating back to the Middle Ages, will be explored in detail. In other words, we’ll supply the room and board and you enjoy a unique setting.
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Please contact us for more information or to make a reservation. We organize retreats every season.

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