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“Tatiana came highly recommended to me by someone who had taken her pilates classes for over a year. The person was well-known to me, and not only do I trust her advice implicitly, but I always act on it immediately. I sure as heck better, this person is my wife.

But I didn’t need much convincing. I’d seen dramatic physical changes in my wife over the time she’d worked out with Tatiana. She was leaner, standing straighter, and actually looked like she’d grown a couple inches taller. I heard people remark about how great she looked all the time.

Okay, truth be told, I’ve worked out with Tatiania now for 6 months and nobody’s said that to me. But the important thing is that I feel so much better. I’m almost 60 and the years had taken their toll on my joints, balance, and flexibility. Before Tatiana got hold of me, I couldn’t play golf more than once every week or so. And even then, it would take my back days to stop aching. I was recently in a tournament where I had to play 18 hole rounds several days in a row. I got through it no problem, and although I definitely felt it in my back, I recovered very quickly.

Tatiana deserves a lot of credit for this. In addition to the disciplined pilates program she normally teaches, she took the initiative to learn about the mechanics of the golf swing. (She’d never played the sport.) Then she customized my workouts with specific exercises to help with flexibility and strength. It’s working.

So, like my wife, I can’t recommend Tatiana highly enough. No matter your age, gender, or taste in sports that may not always agree with your body, I believe Tatiana can help you. She certainly helped me.”
-Peter S. of Carpinteria, CA. Client since 2010

“I came to Tatiana with the intention of getting Pilates back into my body. It had been a year since regular practice and I was quickly losing the core strength and the overall body satisfaction I had achieved earlier with my habitual Pilates practice. Tatiana has helped me in a short period of time change my body shape as well as re-ignite my passion for the practice.

With Pilates it is important that the instructor gives cues and corrections so that maximum benefit can be achieved in the movement. Tatiana has the ability to guide her students so that they can deepen the work, correct alignment and connect the mind with body. I look forward to the three weekly sessions I have with Tatiana. After class I feel recharged, lengthened, and toned.”
-Wendy Oldani of Carpinteria, CA. Client since 2010
“I have been taking group Pilates classes from Tatiana’s Pilates for over two years in Carpinteria. She was very kind to accommodate our working schedule and set us up for lunch time Pilates. Her workouts are a great break from sitting at a desk and can reinvigorate my energy for a productive afternoon.

The new studio in downtown Carpinteria is a great location, high ceilings and plenty of fun equipment so that each workout is challenging and different.”
– Devin F. of Santa Barbara, CA. Client since 2011
“Tatiana’s Pilates in Carpinteria was a great way for me to catch up on my practice while traveling in the area on my way from Kazakhstan to Ecuador. Tatiana is an inspiring instructor; she’s a warm, caring and welcoming woman who will challenge you to do your best, always mindful of my physical limitations. I thoroughly enjoyed my private sessions with her- and you will too.

The studio is filled with sunlight, with all the necessary equipment for a complete Pilates session.”
-Lily S., August 2013
“I would like to start off with saying that I do not like to work out, but know how important it is for one’s body. After trying several different kind of exercises I finally tried Pilates with Tatiana.

In seeing Tatiana twice a week at lunch time, which very much suits my busy schedule I was able to transform my body and feel very good in terms of health. Overall, I am stronger, my body is more toned, more flexible, my posture is better, the strength of my abdominal muscles has increased and with the “bootification”-exercises my behind is now just right.

The amount of attention Tatiana pays to her clients is phenomenal. Since Pilates is about breathing correctly, posture and making sure your muscles are strengthened and lengthened, it is very important to pay attention and be aware of your body movement. Tatiana constantly watches and cues you. This makes it very easy for the client to achieve best results. Tatiana also asks which exercises you prefer and accommodates your wishes (as long as they make sense!).

I would recommend Pilates with Tatiana to anybody who wants to strengthen their body through a vast variety of different exercises and a very dedicated teacher.”
-Inken G. of Santa Barbara, CA. Client since 2012

“I very soon noticed a difference in my overall core strength and increased flexibility from Tatiana’s tough workouts. She works hard to help me reach my fitness goals. Not only do I now have a leaner and stronger physique, I can ride century’s with more power and endurance without that “bonk” zone! I am more focused on pedal turnover. I even enjoy the last miles of a long ride!

Tatiana’s classes are focused a lot on hip, leg and foot strength and stabilization needed to maintain proper positioning, which assists in reaching optimal pedaling rate. She has exercises to build core body strength that save my neck and lower back and improve position and balance on the bike. I’m more aware of how I breathe, pay more attention to my body position, and consciously check for proper back and shoulder positioning.

I’ve also made some great friends. We all enjoy “boot camp” style high intensity workouts. Everone’s overall physical condition has improved. We’re more alert, and I’m sure this has prevented many a cycling wreck!
I’d recommend Tatiana’s Pilates to anybody like me who is looking to improve their cycling, as well as their everyday performance and posture.”
-Steve Larios of Carpinteria, CA. Client since 2009

“I was feeling out of shape and lacking the motivation to take time for myself. Started my Pilates classes, and Tatiana gave me the one on one training I needed to be able to feel comfortable and enjoy each & every Pilates class.

Now I look forward to going to the classes and feel so much better after each one. Tatiana has been a wonderful instructor and a great motivator. I look forward to my next class!!!!”
Geri Stockton of Carpinteria, CA- the winner of 5 free Introduction to Pilates classes in 2010. Client since 2010

“If you want to snap into shape in almost no time, try booking Lunchtime sessions with Tatiana. She’ll shape you up pretty damn fast and it’s fun, too. I am glad I heard about Tatiana’s Pilates this summer. She helped me streamline, firm, tighten and tone my entire body without adding bulk. During our noon sessions we worked on balance, posture, body awareness, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance. The result is a body that looks and moves 10 years younger!

I totally recommend noon classes in the park and I am going to restart my Pilates sessions this fall.”
– Deb F. of Summerland, CA. Client in June-July 2011

“I feel quite fortunate to have found Tatiana’s Pilates in Carpinteria. I am a person who finds maintaining an exercise program quite a challenge, but in the time I have been under Tatiana’s watchful eye, this problem has not surfaced. Tatiana changes the program just enough each time that my interest and focus stay on target. She demonstrates and explains each exercise and then watches and corrects as I take my turn. She wastes no time, so that I feel that I have had a full and complete session.

I have become much stronger in a relatively short time and have noticed a definite tightening in my arms and legs. My mental outlook has improved as I have exerted myself and gained competence in some of the exercises. I have some back and neck issues that Tatiana is careful to respect, but I never feel as if I’m being babied–in fact I feel able to push myself toward my goals.

Whether you are just returning to exercise, or an old hand at it, it seems that Tatiana will be able to find a level of workout that pleases and challenges your abilities. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”
-Monica Fishman of Carpinteria, CA. Client since 2010

“For some time, I had been exploring exercise options that would yield positive results despite arthritic joints and low back pain. I am pleased to say the Pilates instruction received over the past 18 months has resulted in great medical and physical benefit. Core strength has made a big difference in how I feel! Class instruction is tailored to individual needs, emphasizing correct form to yield maximum benefit. Class routines are varied, and geared to progressive advancement. An additional benefit is the friendships formed among class members.”
-Janet W. of Carpinteria, CA. Client since 2011

“My daughter and I just returned from a “pilates retreat” with Tatiana in Carpinteria. We had the best time ever! Tatiana is such a sweet, lovely, professional pilates instructor and made our times together very rewarding. She constantly kept the exercises interesting, explained clearly, watched our energy levels and truly helped us with visual images to understand the purpose of the moves. Tatiana was genuinely concerned that we got to do what we wanted – during and after classes. Her recommendations for everything from massages to great restaurants were right on. We enjoyed meeting her and spending time on the beautiful bluffs above the ocean and in her clean, cheery studio.”
– Ruth Ankeny of Jackson Hole, WY. Client in August 2011

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