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Pilates Retreats in Carpinteria
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Skate, Surf and Sip in Carpinteria
Carpinteria is a a gorgeous location and can become your perfect getaway. It’s home to world’s safest beach, to surf, have fun in the sun, play in the sand, and do Pilates on the beach, in one of many beautiful parks and in our fully equipped studio.

Tatiana’s Pilates offers a unique vacation experience- all-season fun programs that incorporate all your wellness needs in this small beach town and Santa Barbara, CA area. You can choose from daily Pilates- twice a day if you wish- from Pilates & Stretching for Rehab, Pilates Bootcamp Classes or Pilates for Cross-Training with sports-specific exercises to increase your overall fitness level. We also offer private, semiprivate and small group in-studio Pilates equipment classes for people of all ages and any physical ability.

Go from Bulge to Swimsuit WOW!
Your total body workout at Tatiana’s Pilates will include everything:
• The core workout to help flatten your tummy
• Your lower body exercises to help strengthen lower back and prevent that low back pain, and to .. your bootie
• Your upper body block of exercises to help strengthen your upper back, relieve the tension in the shoulder girdle and tone your arms
• And much-much more physically
Further benefit your lifestyle emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.
Learn about Rates and Services.Read more about Tatiana’s Pilates.

Escape into Shape!
Surf, sip and do Pilates in the sand or in-studio in beautiful Carpinteria! Sculpt, shape, stretch and strengthen your body with Tatiana’s Pilates. Tone as you tan during Tatiana’s Pilates classes in the Park or on the Beach. Start your day with a Pilates class for a total body workout.

All-Season Fun in Carpinteria, CA
The city sits in a beautiful valley nestled between the mountains and the Pacific. Summer is all year round in Santa Barbara area, enjoying Mediterranean-like climate, and you can enjoy outside activities all year round. It’s not by accident that Santa Barbara area is known as American Riviera. This provides all kinds of possibilities to keep you busy, enjoy your life, while reinvigorating your body, rejuvenating and refreshing your mind and spirit.

Learn about Things to Do in Carpinteria and greater Santa Barbara area. This way you’ll be able to customize your vacation based on your own preferences, interests, needs and wants.

Whenever you decide that it’s time to take that well-earned break, you can enjoy the great outdoors in Carpinteria. At the end of vacation, you’ll be ready to dive back into regular activities with a new outlook.

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