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Lotus Newsletter, Sep 2009, Issue # 7

23zDiet and exercise complement each other.  We at Tatiana’s Pilates Studio located in Carpinteria offer not only a great trans-formative workout, but also well-balanced nutrition advice. So many clients start Pilates with just only one goal in mind- lose those extra pounds, but in order to do that one needs to change what and how they eat. After all, how many people you know were able to lose weight only to gain it back with vengeance.  This yo-yo diet obviously doesn’t work.

The precise body positioning called for in Pilates require focus, when your body and mind have to collaborate. And simply tuning in makes it easier to get to the cause of weight gain, not just the symptoms. There sure is a link between activity and energy expenditure. Exercise is really important for keeping our bodies and minds healthy, but by itself isn’t always enough to take off the weight. The truth is, according to the research,  our nutritional habits have a far greater impact- about 80% of it- on body composition and physique than anything else, including fitness, which accounts for about 20% of it.

80% Diet and 20% Exercise

If you want to look good, your results are determined by the food that you eat. Throw in exercise and your body will be at another level. Making more permanent dietary and lifestyle changes helps not only lose the weight, but keep it off permanently.

We at Tatiana’s Pilates introduce new nutrition habits by changing grocery store buying habits and building a new mindset. With our guidance, planning, and direction our clients start noticing benefits within a week. We introduce them to super foods, macro nutrients and outline the best sources of protein, carbohydrate, and fat, as well as where to source them locally.

A healthy approach to nutrition is a must since weight loss is not only possible with healthy nutrition, but also sustainable. So we focus on healthy nutrition, particularly when it comes to managing weight and preventing or reversing unhealthy weight gain. You can’t change your body just by exercising. Exercise will get you the lean strong legs and arms and flat belly- the shape you want, and the strength and stamina that helps feel healthier overall and stronger, and in fact BE stronger. But weight loss happens at the dining table.

Read about Healthy Recipes 4 Holidays , the importance of achieving a healthy balanced pH level and eating more alkaline food for better overall health and well-being, amazing qualities of kefir and other lactofermented foods, coconut oilraw milk and dairy products, cod liver oil, butter, organic fruit, veggies, grains, herbs, eggs and meats from pasture-fed animals and poultry, chocolate and other healthy for life foods!

Healthy food can be affordable!

Even in a situation if and when a budget is tight, instead of opting for the cheapest, most filling processed foods, consisting of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), soybean, canola or corn oil, and grain-fed cattle, you can still feed the family healthy nutrient-dense food that doesn’t cost a lot.

Instead of cheap convenience foods with unhealthy filler ingredients and preservatives that prevent spoiling, eating a healthy diet does require understanding what constitutes a healthy meal which is not bought, but rather prepared at home from the ingredients that are real food and don’t cost much more than the junk foods. These ingredients can be bought in bulk which means cheaper. You need the added value of time and love to store and prepare it in a healthy way for your family giving them the nutrition their bodies crave. Become the Chief Nutritionist for your family!

We can always learn the tricks like learning to use coupons, becoming more organized, budgeting and planning out meals for a week (month) ahead, and budget, learning how to portion, prioritize and do it yourself, rather than buy it. Very often organic frozen produce is cheaper than fresh, especially if the fruit or vegetable is out of season.

Take advantage of deals by buying seasonally in bulk, both locally and online, and save for out of season. Sometimes farmers need help with their crops and let visitors come to the farm and collect their produce for a lot less. Use what you got and cook from scratch and use the rest for canning, fermenting and freezing.

herbed-kefir-cheesePrepare from scratch smoothies, other healthy drinks like Kvass, Kefir, Kombutcha, and condiments, like salad dressings, ketchup, mayo, etc. using Kefir and other fermented drinks, like apple cider vinegar or Kombutcha. Have less waist and learn to save intelligently by freezing left-overs, using scraps for your chickens and pigs and composting for your garden. Be a smart home-maker your grandmother probably was.

So, instead of buying from a dollar menu you could instead buy low-cost super foods contributing priceless benefits to your health, like an avocado and cage-free organic eggs. Some of the most affordable foods are also the healthiest, as for example fermented foods, bone broth, etc. Soups are among them, and today when obesity is real problem, you can beat it with a simple soup- often, maybe even twice a day. Check some of my heirloom recipes for home-made soups from organic ingredients. They can be very affordable if you use root veggies (beets), bone broth, organ meats, pumpkins, etc.

You’ll be even better off if you grow your own food. That means not only veggies, berries, herbs and fruit, even sprouts, but also chickens, or if you’re really adventurous, goats or pigs. This will take more time and TLC, not money, but the family will become not only healthier, but more connected and even better off financially.

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