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Pilates with a buddy of yours- whether that’s your friend, spouse or Mom- is always more fun! Studies suggest that a workout buddy can inspire you and ignite friendly competition. Just remember to concentrate and focus on your movement and breath as you both improve your bodies.

A somewhat competitive, yet supportive, atmosphere will keep your interest high. A friendly environment where you feel accountable to each other, attend sessions systematically, support each other to do each exercise to the best of your ability, and encourage each other to reach the next milestone.

We have a crazy good deal! Only for new clients. Invite a friend (a spouse or a family member) for a duet or two of your besties for a trio and get introduced to Pilates starting together and supporting each other down the journey.

We’ll help you flatten your abs and tone your legs, arms, and glutes with a great full-body Pilates workout while you having great time. Your Pilates results will change you in a month and will inspire and drive you for more than a year.

Shape Up Together and Save!


You’ll start with a special friendly 🙂 introduction to Pilates to learn the fundamentals. If that’s what you prefer, you like the chemistry between you or you just don’t want anybody else when you workout, then you can continue with regular duet or trio packages to save even more. In case you want to move on, once you have mastered the basics, you can start with a series of more cost-effective small group classes with other students at a similar level. You can buy a package of 10 classes and save. Read more about our regular Rates.

The Pilates Promise
“Feel better in 10 session look better in 20 sessions and re-shape your body in 30 sessions.” – Joseph Pilates

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