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We offer private and semiprivate Pilates classes in Carpinteria, CA. Try this recognized workout, which is at the same time a great cross-training and rehabilitation method. Experience the trans-formative promise of this fun, healthier, more mindful and diverse workout. Get a sleek, strong core, tone and sculpt your body all over, while preventing injuries, and promoting a healthy well-balanced approach to workout. Supplement your regular cardio routine with a Pilates Circuit class. Power Pilates classes, Pilates retreats, Pilates clinics for beginners, post-injury rehab, golf- and tennis-players, cyclists, etc. also available. Come improve posture, clear mind, lose those extra couple pounds because you deserve better! Feel stronger, look and feel your best!

To reserve a place in class please contact us by phone at 80.284.2840 or email info@tatianaspilates.com


The Owner
A Carpinteria, CA certified Pilates instructor, Tatiana enjoys working with a wide range of clientele teaching them about total body awareness, leading toward better posture and greater ease and efficiency of movement in daily life. She is passionate about helping her clients look, feel and perform better, physically and mentally.  She uses the integrity of the Pilates method to challenge and inspire while enhancing overall health, mobility and physical awareness, improving functional movement, posture, muscle strength, balance and flexibility.

In her new studio, she tried to develop the great environment, fun experience, and the proper Mind-Body atmosphere that keeps her clients coming back. Tatiana is certified through Body Arts and Sciences International (BASI) to teach all levels of Pilates mat and equipment-based classes. Tatiana also has a degree in Linguistics and in Business Administration. While working in the corporate world Tatiana discovered Pilates and began her studies in the Pilates Method as a way to relieve the stress and strain of sitting at the computer all day. Incorporating Pilates into her life has allowed her to find healthy alignment, better body awareness and that elusive body-mind-spirit balance. It is through both her educational and professional experiences that Tatiana has gained the essential tools for a well-balanced and effective Pilates workout.

When she began her journey with Pilates in 2003, she had no idea that it would change and enrich her life on so many levels and become the ultimate in personal satisfaction and professional fulfillment. Tatiana liked the way she felt and wanted to share her love for Pilates with her clients. She found her passion through teaching Pilates, creating classes with individual’s issues and needs in mind. Being a catalyst to her clients’ change and achieving their health and fitness goals is a real reward for her. From a cardio high intensity style, to a more focused rehabilitation program, Tatiana can help design the perfect Pilates regimen for you!

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