Healthier Holiday Traditions!

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Lotus Newsletter, June 2009, Issue # 4

Focus on Wellness
It’s estimated that most Americans put on anywhere from 2 to 5 pounds during the holiday season. And it’s been proven the best way to take off those extra pounds and to maintain that desired weight is through a healthy diet and regular exercise routine. So, we can enrich holiday traditions in the way we celebrate it and start by making small changes.

Healthier Nutrition
You can start changes with a healthier spread on your table during holiday season. Check out healthy recipes here

Be healthier, happier living the Pilates life style
Pilates changes the way you move through life. It is the best option for cross-training, providing a total body work-out. The real changes start with adding a tradition of taking a walk after a great holiday meal and then going for a spinning workout, or even a fun (and hopefully cardiovascular) Wii game with your kids. Have you tried Wii Pilates? Or better yet a real Pilates session, preferably with Tatiana’s Pilates 🙂 (Check for deals here)

Make it a habit this holiday season and every day
Living in Carpinteria or Carp, as the locals call it, we can enjoy outside activities all year round. You can fish, skateboard, dance, walk the pathways of the salt marsh, do whale-, seal-, or bird-watching or work out outdoors. We have Mediterranean-like climate, and it never gets too cold or too hot. When most of the country shovels snow and shivers from cold, we in Carp enjoy the great outdoors. The city sits on a thin strip of fertile land nestled between the mountains and the ocean. This provides all kinds of possibilities to keep a person busy even during winter months.


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