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Tatiana’s Pilates Clinic for Cyclists
Whether you are a weekend warrior, riding 50-plus miles on Saturday and Sunday or you ride every single day, cycling doesn’t give your body a break from the position it’s stuck in most of the day in front of the computer. Do you need to restore postural alignment, ease and prevent back pain and relieve the tension caused by sitting for long periods?

As a Pilates instructor Tatiana can help you develop a cycling specific program with the emphasis on overall strength, coordination, balance, body awareness and flexibility. Learn how to fight premature fatigue, restore postural alignment, shift the spine back into position, open up the chest, stretch and strengthen your legs and entire body, develop underused muscles, build your core and upper body strength, stabilize your shoulder girdle, condition efficient patterns of movement and use your core strength to pedal stronger and longer!

Clients new to Pilates method generally are required to have up to ten private sessions and instructor approval before starting any group classes.

*Only by appointment.
*Gift certificates and 5-10-or-20-session packages in small groups, semiprivate and private sessions available.

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