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Teaching athletes, as well as beginning students, Tatiana enjoys working with Pilates students of all levels, and tries to emphasize total body awareness and smooth, easy control in both her own movement and in her teaching practice. She enjoys tailoring each session to the individual needs of each client. One of her favorite things about teaching Pilates is the wide variety of ages of clients that she has the opportunity to work with. When Tatiana began her journey with Pilates in 2003, she had no idea that it would take her to so many new places, challenging not only her body, but her mind, and spirit. Pilates enriches her life on many levels. It is one of the major influences that converged in powerful personal and professional growth and transition into her life.

studio06Tatiana is a BASI certified Pilates instructor and a member of the Pilates Method Alliance. She considers herself a lifelong student and strives to continue studying diverse topics about human body on topics from pregnancy to rehabilitation techniques of issues and problems of pelvic floor, back, knees, shoulders, hips, as well as breast cancer, thyroid, menopause, functional anatomy and movement reeducation. Tatiana is currently studying Ayurveda in the Wise Earth tradition. Other movement studies and interests which have influenced her teaching include yoga, gymnastics, karate, Ball and Modern Dancing, cycling, ice hockey, anatomy and alignment. All of this helps her enhance a new and current Pilates model, emphasizing proper alignment, biomechanics, breathing, body awareness and deep core support, and leading to a dynamically supported body.

Tatiana’s ultimate knowledge and understanding of movement comes from her daily work with clients as they fine-tune their bodies. Explaining human movement and anatomy, imagery and verbal cues help guide a student to find the “mind/body” connection and to explore depths of their body previously uncharted. Teaching with a smile and a good portion of enthusiasm and humor helps put students at ease while instructing them through exercises that challenge the perception of what their body can do. Always upping the challenge, trying to stretch clients to their limits, but they still leave the studio with a smile, feeling better than when they arrived. And the best part is being able to teach clients about body awareness leading toward greater ease and efficiency of movement in daily life.

Tatiana has truly found her passion through teaching Pilates and encouraging the thought process to maintain the changes in her clients’ minds and bodies. Being a catalyst to their change is a reward in itself! Tatiana finds great joy in guiding others to discover the benefits of Pilates and to enrich their lives through movement. She has witnessed Pilates alter many of her clients’ bodies: strengthen, become more flexible, improve balance and coordination, and most importantly, their body awareness. She loves teaching Pilates, as Pilates has the amazing ability not only to flatten abs, but also to free the body of chronic pain and tension. All of this keeps her clients coming back.

As we are all unique as individuals, our needs with Pilates are unique. Tatiana strives to create classes with individual’s issues and needs in mind and to develop a training program based on her client’s lifestyle, personal goals, and their physical abilities that challenges and drives them toward achieving their fitness goals. Pilates requires inward focus and concentration, so Tatiana tries to create the right Mind-Body atmosphere. The nuances of Pilates are significant, and Tatiana keeps classes safe, challenging and fun, and tries to modify exercises accordingly. She is committed to deliver well-rounded Pilates workouts to meet her clients’ needs and continue to share her love and enthusiasm for Joseph Pilates Method.

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