Happy 50th Birthday, Carpinteria!

September 19th, 2015

Tatiana’s Pilates in Carpinteria, CA
Happy Golden Jubilee from Tatiana’s Pilates!

City Anniversary sealCarpinteria celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. Come unplug, reset, repair, recharge, and reboot! Check out these healthy deals:

50% Off For 50th Birthday
Buy a Membership package of 10 group Pilates classes at 50% off the regular price and take them in 30 days starting when it’s best for you this month. This is the most cost-effective option for otherwise healthy Pilates clients.

$180 for 10 regular (55-60-minute long) group classes which you have to take in 30 days.

$160 for 10 Lunchtime (45-minute long) group classes which you have to take in 30 days.

Read more about Lunchtime Classes and their benefits.

Check real participants’ Success Stories.
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Win A Package Of 3 Free Pilates Classes
Give yourself and a loved one a perfect gift of health and Pilates this fall. You already spend most of your day at the computer, with a hand-held device, tweeting, texting, chatting, etc. Instead of more material things like electronic gadgets, give a gift of health, movement, Pilates and better posture this summer – a package of 3 free semiprivate Pilates classes for both of you. Stay fit and healthy!

Nominate a Winner
Sign up yourself or a loved one for a chance to win free Introduction to Pilates at info@tatianaspilates.com Just write about your interest in Pilates and why you need Pilates in your life. At Tatiana’s Pilates, we help people to have proper alignment, improve bio-mechanics, breathing, emphasizing body awareness and deep core support, and leading to a dynamically supported body.
Check real participants’ Success Stories.
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*Note: Gift certificates available!

Pilates Clinics for Cross-Training

IMG_1747_1_1Tatiana’s Pilates offers Pilates for all kinds of athletes & weekend warriors alike We provide corrective Pilates classes for golf- and tennis-players, cyclists, etc. with exercises addressing problem areas of the body. Improve your game/ sport through a specially designed proven cross training program. We focus on mobility, flexibility, stability, and strength training. Learn more about Clinics for Golfers. Check a real golfer’s Success Story.

We provide private and small group Pilates classes on Pilates equipment, and TRX for men and women of any age, level, size, shape, and any physical ability for any budget, schedule and style! Pilates genuinely helps people physically, but also further benefits lifestyles emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Transform the way your body looks, feels and performs! At Tatiana’s Pilates Studio we help clients in Carpinteria, CA make changes they’ve been struggling with and experience health through Pilates, functional movement, and nutrition!

TSPABX_03_600TRX Classes
Born in the U.S. and used by Navy SEALs, TRX Suspension training will change the way you view exercise and will take your workouts to a whole new level. Build power, strength, flexibility, balance, mobility- all at the intensity you choose. Private, semi-private and group classes in-studio, on a beach, in a park or your location. Ideal for any level, and any cross-training goal!

We offer programs that incorporate all wellness needs catering to the residents of Carpinteria area. Pilates clinics for Beginners as well as Intro to Pilates assessments/ consultations are available!

Pilates Promise
“In ten sessions you will feel the difference, in twenty you will see the difference, and in thirty you will have a whole new body.”
-Joseph Pilates

About Tatiana’s Pilates
Since 2008, Tatiana’s Pilates has continually expanded its offerings, which now include a wide range of group classes, private and semiprivate sessions on all apparatus so we can serve individuals at every stage of their practice- from beginner to experience. We are so proud of what we have accomplished and look forward to many more years serving our clients in our new studio! We moved into this new location in 2014. Find Tatiana’s Pilates studio in Carpinteria at the address: 929 Linden Avenue, Suite E

studiolocationThe entrance is from Yucca Lane parking lot. You can see our sign under an old magnolia tree.

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Who would you like to Pilates with? Take a Pilates challenge with your companion at your side and look and feel your best! Pay only $100 per person for three semiprivate sessions, including the Intro to Pilates consultation/ assessment.

Reboot Yourself
-Pilates classes for people of any age, level, budget, and gender who wish to be flexible, balanced, well-coordinated, trim, and agile, and stay fit, strong, and healthy.
-Sport based Pilates classes for people with similar interests that incorporate all your wellness needs.
-Pilates classes for people whose MDs or PTs recommended Pilates for after-surgery conditioning, etc.

Read more about Tatiana’s Pilates

Take Pilates not Pills
Physical therapists and doctors now recommend Pilates as one of the safest forms of exercise available. We also provide Pilates clinics for post-injury rehabilitation needs. Experience Pilates benefits firsthand and learn to enjoy quality program of well being. We’ll help you strengthen muscles, especially core muscles, increase flexibility, and gain an increased awareness of the health benefits of each body movement.

A vacation getaway in Carpinteria will help you calm and quiet to thrive and succeed. We also provide Pilates retreats in Carpinteria and in Belarus to help you de-stress and pamper yourself.

Read more about Rates and Services
Come join Pilates classes on TRX Suspension Systems and state of the art Pilates equipment made by the industry leader Balanced Body.

Now you can supplement your regular cardio routine with a Pilates circuit class on regular Pilates equipment (chairs, BOSU, etc.) as well as more modern and challenging CoreAlign and TRX. Cardio Circuit and Power Pilates group classes available.

Let Pilates become your lifestyle, while you lose inches and pounds. Enjoy your Pilates workout as you sculpt, shape, tone, stretch, and strengthen your body.

Enjoy your Pilates workout at Tatiana’s Pilates while you sculpt, shape, tone, stretch, and strengthen your body.

Realign* Revive* Rebalance*

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