Pilates Summer Camp 2013

April 22nd, 2013

Carpinteria Pilates
Tatiana’s Pilates in Carpinteria, CA

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This Summer 2013 we are starting Summer Camp in Carpinteria on a beach, in a park or in-studio.
Interactive, engaging, high energy, and fun Pilates classes, building body-awareness and healthy self-esteem, all while having a great time!
Helping kids in Carp improve performance in their sports, recover from injuries, increase focus and concentration, and even minimize stress.

Why Pilates for Kids?
Just like adults, kids spend too much time sitting at the desks and less time moving and playing outdoors. The increasingly sedentary lifestyle of our children in front of video games, computers, or television, our children is having devastating effects, leading to issues such as poor posture, low back pain, even at the young age.

Starting a physical program, like Pilates, which emphasizes corrective movement patterns is especially beneficial for kids because their bodies are exceptionally responsive. Teaching children to use their bodies in a mindful and functionally sound way can help minimize and prevent potential aches and pains as well as long-term injuries when they grow up. In fact, Joseph Pilates in his book “Your Health” published in 1934 discussed the importance of forming good physical habits early in life.

Unlock Your Kids Potential
Especially beneficial for children who aren’t drawn to sports. They are able to reap the benefits of cardiovascular activity while having a good time in an environment that isn’t focused on winning. Classes are designed to make each child know they are accomplishing something terrific. When children are introduced to healthy forms of movement such as Pilates, the benefits continue into adulthood. Most of us are now familiar with the benefits of Pilates: lean muscle mass, a strong core, increased flexibility, better posture, decrease in joint and low back pain as well as decreasing pain from injuries. These benefits aren’t just for adults; they are for kids also, and the benefits are unquestionably immense.

For information contact Tatiana by phone 805.284.2840 or email info@tatianaspilates.com
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Family Fun in the Sun! Pilates on the Beach
Whether you are looking for some toning, stretching and strengthening, a rehabilitation program or an intense strength and cardio personal training workout, Tatiana’s Pilates can design a program for you to achieve your unique goals. Your total body workout will include everything- the core workout, which helps tighten around your abdominal muscles, your lower back, the shoulder girdle, your upper back, and more. Read more about Tatiana’s Pilates

Go from Winter Bulge to Swimsuit WOW!

Unhappy with Your Present “Self”? Join Tatiana’s Pilates to get in shape. Your Pilates results will change you in a month and will inspire and drive you for years to come. Let your new “Self” start now!
Experience Pilates benefits firsthand and learn to enjoy quality program of well being. We’ll help you strengthen muscles, especially core muscles, increase flexibility, and gain an increased awareness of the health benefits of each body movement. Pilates will help you look trimmer and leaner, become stronger and improve posture, injury-free.

Pilates Promise
“In ten sessions you will feel the difference, in 20 you will see the difference, and in 30 you will have a whole new body.”
-Joseph Pilates

Did you know it can become the best health insurance you ever had? Physical therapists and doctors now recommend Pilates as one of the safest forms of exercise available. Pilates genuinely helps people physically, but also further benefits lifestyles emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Let Pilates become your lifestyle. Learn to relax and to live a long, healthy life. Enjoy your Pilates workout as you sculpt, shape, tone, stretch, and strengthen your body.

Tatiana’s Pilates offers private, semiprivate and small group Pilates classes on mats, Pilates equipment, and TRX for men and women of any age and physical ability in Carpinteria, CA. Teaching Pilates classes for people of all ages, levels, sizes, shapes, and any physical ability in-studio or on your location for any budget, schedule and style!

We also provide Pilates clinics for beginners, golf- and tennis-players, cyclists, etc., Pilates retreats, & more. Read more about Rates and Services
A vacation getaway in Carpinteria will help you calm and quiet to thrive and succeed. Tatiana’s Pilates retreat in Belarus will help you de-stress and pamper yourself. Note*Gifts and gift certificates available!

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Terms & Conditions
All offers, prices and terms are subject to change. Specials and other offers cannot be combined. Multiple session packages are non-refundable and expire six months from the date of purchase. Currently only cash or checks are accepted. All sessions require an appointment and pre-payment. Cancellations with less than 24 hours’ notice result in a charge to the client for the full cost of the session.

For information contact Tatiana by phone 805.284.2840 or email info@tatianaspilates.com

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